Like I should do more often I spent some time looking for good live around Osaka.

And as it turns out too much often I will miss 2 concerts because of my inconstancy.

Don't be late for concert ticketing in Japan!

2008/11/09 The Kooks @ Club Quattro (L :57546 ) : SOLD OUT 

2008/11/12 The Music @ Nanba Hatch (L:51975 ) : not going 

2008/11/25 The Vines @ Club Quattro (L :52015) : SOLD OUT 

2008/11/27 CSS @ Club Quattro (L:56509) : going

2008/12/01 MGMT @ Shangri-la (L:53623) : going (+1) 

2008/12/08 Cajun Dance Party @ Club Quattro (L: 57106) : going 

2008/12/17 Yelle @ Shangri-la (L:58592) : going 

2008/12/17 Tahiti 80 @ Club Quattro (L:51657) : not going 

2009/01/14 Mogwai @ Big Cat (L:59304) : going 

2009/01/21 Don caballero @ Club Quattro (L:53031) : going

The L:xxxxx code is use to directly buy the ticket at any lawson convenience store, go to the Loppy machine, hit the "Concert" button and here you go. Yes I'm easing your life.

As I will use this post as a personal memo here are the link i should periodically check : Club Quattro Shan-gri-laNanba Hatch Lawson TicketSmash JP

And I will use one of the few time I update my blog to congratulate Colin for his first Take Away Show, and not even a minor band... Can't wait to enjoy some more!

(by the way, Colin, if you have news from the sneaker the lady left at Brian place during last new year's eve you would make one very happy woman :-) )

Bloc Party, 'This Modern Love' - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.